Eva DeFranco

Sunny Lane Pottery

I began throwing pots as a hobby when some of my dear friends bought me a potter’s wheel for
my 40 th birthday—over 20 years ago. As a self-taught potter, I am at a stage in life to embark
upon a deeper journey of learning, growth and creative expression with clay. I believe in the
deeply perfect imperfection of one of a kind, hand thrown pieces—I think it is what makes them
interesting and beautiful—much like all of us. I believe in the presence of mind and heart that
can come from really enjoying simple, everyday pleasures –like sipping morning coffee from a
favorite hand- crafted mug. I believe that life is precious and short and we can give our best to
others when we are all in– pursuing our passions and curiosities. It is my absolute privilege to
make pots with my own hands that people love and can use every day. I use high fire
stoneware which is dishwasher, oven and microwave safe. Thank you for supporting my
passion and allowing me to share my love for the art of pottery with you.