What is an artist’s statement?

It is…

●About the art, not you

●About your work and its direction, not a history of how you got to this point

●An explanation of your style, creative process, inspirations, philosophy, subject and/or theme

●Concise and reflective

●An overview about your creative vision

When to use an artist’s statement

Use an artist’s statement for

●a particular artwork

●an exhibition of work

●an overall statement about your body of work

Set aside time to reflect on what you do and why.

Think about what you do. What your art is. Where it comes from.

Write a few paragraphs about:

●Who you are and what your art is, and why you do it

●Describe your style, process, medium, etc.

●What are you exploring, and what do you want to accomplish?




“I am a painter who explores the theme of human identity and the search for self-discovery. My work combines abstraction and representation, exploring the relationship between form, color, and emotion. I work primarily with oil on canvas, using a process of layering and wiping to build up the surface of my paintings. My goal is to create a sense of depth and complexity and to invite the viewer to look beneath the surface of my work to discover the emotional and psychological layers that are hidden there. My own experiences inspire my paintings. They are a reflection of the struggles, triumphs, and ambiguities that are part of the human experience, and they are an invitation to the viewer to reflect on their own lives and experiences.”

“As a portrait photographer, I believe every human face tells a story. I use my camera to capture my subjects’ unique personalities and emotions. My goal is to create intimate and universal images that reveal the humanity and beauty in every individual.”

Deborah Rose
Writer, Photographer, Poet

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