Amber Vlangas
Amber Vlangas is an artist, certified Meditation Specialist, Mindful and Meditative Art Teacher, Restorative Circle-keeper, and Sound Healer. She has always had a heart for holding space and helping others.

Amber uses simple and accessible art materials of all kinds to express herself. Her work is grounded in the truth that every person can access their power, potential, and creativity when given the safety and encouragement they need to do so. She invites people into accessible and mindful art activities, guided meditation, music making, and sound journeying to help them relax, renew, and open pathways to enhanced mind-body connection, creativity, and balance.

Abene Gretchen
Abene is a mark maker. She will consider using any medium, including digital imaging, to render a vision in plein air or in the studio. Conveying an interpretation of an everyday sight and inviting the viewer to see her goal. She states: “We are what we love and share.”

Barbara Binzen
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Barbara Soares
Passion, resonance, shadow & light, form & movement, the essence of the moment, the essence of the heart – these are raw materials I draw from & live for. My work of 25 yrs represents a Zen meditation in seeing, photographing & printing images as ‘visual haiku’ that entice the viewer to perceive the world differently. My hope is that my images/ perspectives can be a source of renewal & inspiration in these challenging times. Barbara is an award-winning fine art photographer, Reiki master, musician, sound healing practitioner, and digital imaging pioneer.

Bethe Bogues
Beth Bogues has been a New Fairfield resident for over 30 years.  With a life-long passion for art, she has painted in her spare time and has been a student of Anda Styler for many years.  With her recent retirement, she enjoys having more time to explore new mediums and focus on her art. 

Betsy Duckworth, Realtor
Address: 404 Main St, Ridgefield, CT 06879
Phone(203) 994-2231

Blake Kotenbrink
Fusing impressionism with pop, Blake’s preferred medium mixes oil pastels, charcoal pastels, and colored pencils. He is best known for his application of vibrant hues and palettes that bring his creative expressions to life.

Bob Demchuk
Award-winning motion picture director and still photographer Bob Demchuk has worked throughout the world. He was a combat photographer for the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. He produced and directed more than 500 projects for clients including Sesame Street and The Electric Company, and made TV specials with Joanne Woodward and Charlton Heston. Bob produced two feature films including By The Sword, starring F. Murray Abraham and Eric Roberts, and made a dramatic film short (Once…) that was considered for an Academy Award. Bob’s lifelong passion has been portrait photography; his work has been widely exhibited. His book, Before Tomorrow Comes to Kenya, was published by McFarland in 2014.

Bonnie Johnson

Life’s intricacies captured through painting and printmaking. I find inspiration everywhere. Very simply…I notice a scene or interesting flower or texture and want to share it through my art. Drawing on technical aspects derived from a professional career as an art director, graphic designer, illustrator, and art teacher, I paint in oil and watercolor and work with contemporary, non-toxic printmaking techniques. I love to explore a combination of traditional and non-traditional methods that push the boundaries where printmaking, drawing, and painting are combined and expanded into interesting and unique pieces. Please visit my website for more information:

Carolyn Cohen 
Carolyn Cohen is an abstract painter, happily painting and experimenting away in Sherman, Florida, and Cape Cod studios. She is a member of Gallery 25 in New Milford and the Kent Art Association. Carolyn uses mixed media in her paintings and combines collage, printing from her own hand-carved blocks, and various textures to achieve a deeper, more layered effect. She also enjoys painting over previous work, so many pieces have been reincarnations.

Carolyn Forester
Carolyn Forrester is an American artist who was born in 1993. King’s Leap featured Carolyn Forrester’s work in the past. In MutualArt’s artist press archive, Carolyn Forrester is featured in Carolyn Forrester at King’s Leap, a piece from Art Viewer in March 2023.

Cathlee Kessman
Cathlee Kessman has lived in the Pawling, NY area all her life.  She moved to Sherman 5 years ago and resides on Squantz Pond.  In that time, she has taken countless abstract photographs of the lake and nature in the surrounding area.  Her photographs are full of color and hidden images.  Cathlee also makes handcrafted beaded jewelry and has recently branched out into silversmithing.  She is a member of the Sherman Artist Association.

Charlene Leichter
Charlene is a local Sherman resident, exploring painting in watercolors and occasionally creating pencil drawings for family and friends.  In her artistic journey, inspiration and techniques from YouTube artists tutorials have helped her focus on developing her own art style. She is looking forward to retirement and spending more time crafting her artistic skills.

Chris Cusack
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Christina Lianos
My artwork is curated photographs taken while traveling and the storytelling behind the journey. Although I have painted in the past and recreated a few with acrylics, I have focused on turning these photos into graphics that I have been printing on silk for scarves that I plan on marketing shortly. My artwork is available in various sizes and also in printed versions. I have several new pieces to be released this year.

Christina Maschke
Facebook: christina.maschke.1
Facebook, Company Listing: TheSharpPencil
Instagram: christinamaschke
Etsy: TheSharpPencil

Drawing is seeing. It is my desire to capture as much detail as I can see.  Light, shadows and all of the shapes and patterns that result are exciting and challenging to me. Drawing has enabled me to see not only the big picture but “the devil in the details”. My mission is to take my abilities to the next level with every piece that I create. After creating my art I also make merchandise such as prints cards mugs and trivets that are sold on Etsy, local art shows, and local gift shops.

Christy Bonaiuto
Facebook: @Christy Bonaiuto Photography

Christy Bonaiuto is a professional photographer specializing in family portraits and nature. She discovered a passion for acrylic pour painting and experiments with new techniques. Her love of photography was born from her passion for nature and the peace it brings. She created the Cards for a Cause project featuring her Progression of a Peony series. Cards can be purchased at the Sherman IGA. She is a member of The Great Hollow Photographers Club and the Sherman Artists Association.

Claire Qiu
Born in China, Claire Qiu is a visual artist who obtained her art education in New York City and Florence, Italy. She currently lives and works in Sherman, CT.  She specializes in realism oil paintings portraying people, places, and objects dear to her heart. In recent years, Claire has also ventured into the fascinating field of ceramics. She makes functional and decorative pieces exploring form, color, and texture. Utilizing both wheel-throwing and hand-building techniques, she lets her own creative free spirit take her further into the intoxicating alchemy of pottery. 

Cynthia O’Connor
Instagram: @bigshotsbycindy
Facebook: Big Shots by Cindy

Cynthia has been a professional photographer since 2005. Her work has included weddings, events, and portraiture but is now primarily landscape, cityscapes, and wildlife. Her two safaris in Africa to document the elephants and their plight and to raise money and awareness to save them have been her most fulfilling work. She is also committed to sharing what captures her eye around the country wherever her travels take her. Her photographs can be purchased through her website:

Deborah Rose
My photographic focus is capturing life as it is and storytelling. As a lifetime photographer and an award-winning photojournalist, I love observation and composition. My works are natural, with little to no post-production editing, as I prefer the authenticity of life’s moments. I work in both color and black and white. My hope is that my work touches an individual in a way that permits them to find connections in humanity and our greater world.

Denise Marie Cassano
Denise experienced firsthand the power animals have to help us heal- emotionally and physically. Forever inspired by the beauty and power of nature, she intends to celebrate the diversity of animal species, reminding us of the rich tapestry of life we live with. They are living embodiments of strength, grace, and resilience, and it is her privilege to capture and share their stories through her art. She invites you to join her. View more online at

Denise Schlesinger
Instagram: dschlesinger13
Facebook: denise.schlesinger.16
Denise Schlesinger is a local Sherman resident painting in acrylics snapshot details of everyday life.  “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” ― Edgar Degas.   Denise is a member of the Kent Artist Association and Sherman Artists Association and has sold many works in various shows and galleries.

Doreen O’Connor
Doreen, a lifelong resident of the lower Hudson Valley area, is a painter in acrylic and watercolor who prefers to work en Plein air (on-site, outside). She is now in semi-retirement, enjoying painting whenever possible and working with several groups of like-minded artists from whom she continues learning. Doreen says she does not remember a time when she was not involved in art. She had bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Art Education and taught for a few years before getting into historic house museum work that combined history with life skills like spinning, weaving, and open hearth cooking and antiques. After many years in the museum field, she started a decorative painting business in 1990. There she did faux finishes, murals, painted furniture, Trompe L’eoil, and many other fun projects. She uses her faux finish experience to make interesting frames for her work when barn wood is unavailable.

Ellen Wallenstein
Ellen is a photographer, artist, and retired professor of art. She makes photographs, drawings, collages, books, and boxes. Making art for her is a daily habit: a meditation, a centering. Ellen’s interest in photography was sparked in childhood when she looked at family albums. She is interested in how photographs reflect history – a record of how people presented their lives to the camera. Ellen showcases her artwork at the Carter Burden Gallery in NYC and online at and, and on her website

Gigi Barrett
LinkedIn: gigibarrettfineart
Gigi was born and bred in Bushwick, Brooklyn, where she started her art career by freelance consulting to various individuals and non-profits.  In 2004, she started Blue Eyed Dingo Designs-Gigi Barrett Fine Art and has received numerous national and local awards.  Gigi is dedicated to enhancing all lives through art and takes pride in donating to various animal rescue organizations.  In fact, her motto is “Saving animals one painting at a time”. Gigi’s website is

Herb Kroeger
Herb began formal training, in figure drawing, and painting, at age 12.  He studied fine art and graphic design at Syracuse University School of Fine Art and Pratt Institute School of Art.  He then worked as a graphic designer for many years for corporate clients all over the world. Since 2003 Herb has returned to his first love, painting. Herb lives and works in Sherman, CT.

Jeff Ginsburg
Jeff Ginsburg and Lu Li are photographers known for the “Magnificent Birds.”Their bird photographs show a strong connection between the photographers and their wild subjects, inviting you into a world of impact, emotion, and beauty. The artists will happily explain how they photograph birds and the elusive wood ducks.

Jill Kaplan
Instagram: @jillkaplan7
Jill is a Potter with a private studio in Sherman, CT. She designs unique, one-of-a-kind wheel-thrown and embellished wares. Her pieces reflect her previous careers as an Interior Designer, Chef, and Caterer. Her pottery is predominantly made of stoneware and is functional for serving and tabletop decor. Jill has taken classes at Anderson Ranch Art Center in Snowmass, CO, at Arrowmont Art Center in Tennessee, and at the JCC in Manhattan since 2004.  She has learned from workshops with Randy Johnston, Jan McKeechie, Lorna Meaden, and Pete Pinell, among others. Her work entails both throwing and hand-building, slab work, and piping as well as the use of underglaze and overglaze transfers and various methods of adding texture to her designs. Her pieces can be seen locally in upcoming exhibits and sales at the White Silo Winery in December 2022 and the Sherman Library in October 2022, as well as local coffee shop Sacred Grounds. 

James Stasiak
James is a digital artist who uses mathematical operations to determine how form, geometry, and color interact in his images. His photo editing software is his toolbox, color palette, and canvas. After decades of experience, he continues to become more comfortable and adventurous with digital imaging systems. The JMM Art Shows gave James a new perspective on the art form, teaching him to appreciate the mathematics behind it.

John Charles O’Donnell
John Charles O’Donnell and Mako Kumano O’Donnell are world-renowned fine art teddy bear photographers who have captured images in 28 countries on all seven continents. With “Deep Superficiality” as their guiding artistic principle, they structure their images to invite a multitude of interpretations and reactions on a number of levels while knowing the surface level will predominate for most observers.  In addition to operating their private charity, One Thousand Bears Project (, John and Mako are represented by Atelier VGI in midtown Manhattan. (

Kathleen Peck Marks
COE 90 Bullseye fused glass creations: sheets of glass are selected, cut, and a design using various kinds of glass (dichroic, videography, stringers, noodles, dots, water cut glass, decals, and other glass) is placed on the glass, and it is fired in a kiln. The glass melts until it is “fused,” then cooled, then fired again in the kiln over a mold for its shape.

Kenny Litwack
Instagram: @litwackglass
Kenny is a glass artist. To create his work, he primarily uses the technique known as glass fusing which involves cutting cold pieces of glass and then firing the work in a kiln at temperatures up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit. His work consists mainly of abstract landscapes and portraits.   He has won awards in exhibitions at the glass studio URBAN GLASS for his pixilated work entitled DIANE and the ART ROOM CONTEMPORARY GALLERY for his landscape BLUE SKY. His work has been exhibited and sold at various venues including the Collectors’ 2016 Gala & Auction, sponsored by Urban Glass.

Laura Paradiso
Laura is a local Sherman resident who paints in oil in Connecticut, New York, and Florida.  Much of her artwork is inspired by her travels.  She is a member of Arts on the Lake, Sherman Artists, and Venice Art Center.

Leslie Roy
Leslie is a surrealist painter as well as a Sculptor of driftwood and other found objects. Painting is a form of communication between herself and her higher power and how she processes the events in her life. Leslie paintings tell her story and speak the words she has never found. Leslie also creates driftwood wall panels consisting of many small pieces of driftwood.

Linda McMillan
Linda is an award-winning artist who enjoys creating expressive work using the tactile processes of ceramic sculpture, alternative photography, and fine art photography.  She has been a western Connecticut resident since she was very young, with residential stops over the years in the Washington, DC metro area, the SF Bay area, and Reno, NV, before returning to the Litchfield Hills.   In each place, she found the local arts and cultures to be both exciting and inspirational, furthering her personal journey with artistic discovery and exploration.  Her work has been exhibited in galleries and shows nationwide, including Manhattan, CT, the DC area, and the west coast.

Linda T Hubbard
Linda is a fine art photographer native of New England who lived in the Hudson River Valley for many years. “I love to capture nature’s beauty and include an element of architecture that states how humans and nature interrelate”. Hubbard currently lives in Sherman, where she curates the art shows at the Sherman Library and the Great Hollow Photographers Club Art Shows. She also co-chairs the Sherman Artists Association.  Her photographs can be purchased through her website,, or the LAND Gallery in Pawling, NY.  Her photo cards are available at the Old Store in Sherman, CT.  The photographs are available framed and/or matted in various sizes and as photo cards.

Lisa Caron Hickey
Instagram: @carondesigns
Facebook: @lisacaron
Lisa Caron Hickey is a multifaceted artist with a passion for creativity that knows no bounds. Her artistic journey encompasses mixed media, fused glass, and the tactile world of felting. Her unbridled enthusiasm for sharing her craft with others sets Lisa apart. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for innovation, she has ventured into crafting kits, introducing budding artists to the joys of creating. Lisa’s artistry knows no boundaries, and her dedication to inspiring others to explore their creative potential shines through in her craft kits.

Lisa G. Peck
Lisa G. Peck has been involved in the “tactile arts” – quilting, woodworking, jewelry-making – for many years; however, two years ago, she discovered throwing pottery. It was “love at first touch.” As her work evolves, Lisa continues to experiment with various ceramic forms, clay bodies and glazes. Rather than aspiring to be a production potter, each piece that Lisa creates is unique on some level.

Liz Rosiello
This collection of Oil Paintings is on canvas and part of a collection Liz’s called “Reflections of Nature.” In these paintings, I wanted to showcase the ever-changing skies we see daily. Each painting is from a day & time I noticed how beautiful and awe-inspiring the sky and clouds are at sunset or sunrise. Each is from my personal experience: Views from my front porch, studio, and New Milford overlook. I want to capture the mood more than realism.

Lu Li
As a little girl, Lu began her fascination with cameras and photographs of exotic lands of China during college breaks. She earned a bachelor’s degree in radar engineering and became the first female to lead a Chinese Navy’s Research Institute team. Lu earned a master’s degree in Computer Science at CUNY and implemented the next-generation cell phone system. She is known for her wild ducks and birds. “I think my photos capture their indescribable beauty.”

Lynn Slonaker
Art and creativity have always been a part of my life. A degree in graphic design led to a career in advertising, followed by 25 years running my own interior design business. Painting has filled a creative void since I retired and has taken me on a journey of self-discovery. It has intensified my observational skills and taught me to be more present. Nature’s multi-sensory experience and infinite beauty are my constant inspiration. I strive to capture the color, light, temperature, and feeling of a place and time, either in Plein Air or studio, primarily in oil or gouache.

Mae Maimone
Mae Maimone is the designer of a line of “Poppins Bags,” handmade quilted bags that are great for overnight or weekend getaways, knitting and craft projects, or whatever suits your fancy. Mae creates three different sizes, including several pockets that can hold a tablet, phone, sunglasses, and books and pack with clothes and stuff! All are one of a kind; an equestrian line is also available, among others. Email her to purchase an original Mae “Poppins Bag.”

Mako Kumano O’Donnell
Mako Kumano O’Donnell and John Charles O’Donnell are world-renowned fine art teddy bear photographers who have captured images in 28 countries on all seven continents. With “Deep Superficiality” as their guiding artistic principle, they structure their images to invite a multitude of interpretations and reactions on several levels while knowing the surface level will predominate for most observers.  In addition to operating their private charity, One Thousand Bears Project (, John and Mako are represented by Atelier VGI in midtown Manhattan. (

MaryJane Magoon
Instagram: @mjmagoon
MaryJane Magoon grew up in the upper peninsula of Michigan. After residing in different areas of the Midwest, she settled in Connecticut. She is an Interior Designer and certified color consultant passionate about color. Watercolor is her choice of medium. “I am inspired by the transparency and natural flow of the
watercolor paint. Mary Jane is a member of Gallery 25, the Society of Creative Arts, the New England Watercolor Society, the Northeast Watercolor Society, and the Kent Art Association.

Mike Kisner
Mike is a native of CT and has lived in New Fairfield for the last 40 years. After retiring from the wine industry, he returned to a passion he had since he was young. He paints abstracts, mostly in acrylics. He is represented in galleries in CT and NY and is a member of The Sherman Artists Association.

Miriam Nelson, Ph.D.
Miriam, known as “Mimi” at 55, became a sculptor. She started sculpting and creating small and monumental pieces using stone, metal, marble, steel, aluminum, and a free spirit. Miriam says she conceives of the shapes to cultivate a visceral reaction in the viewer, not to capture the likeness of something. “Abstract pieces are much more emotional than pieces that delineate somebody or something,” Nelson explains. “I want a piece to lift somebody and give them a feeling of elation, delight, humor, or whatever.”
Miriam had always wanted to sculpt, and when the Museum School at the Museum of Art in Coral Gables offered a class in stone sculptures in January of 1982, she signed up. Within a few years, she exhibited in galleries in and around Miami. She has produced small and large sculptures in homes on the Hudson River and at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park in Cazenovia, NY. She also paints. Just as she helped her clients as a psychotherapist find inner strength and beauty in themselves, over the last fifty years, Nelson has successfully extracted elegant and expressive forms from nature’s raw stone and metals and used her paint brushes and oils.

M J. Newman – Photographer
Facebook: @fbmjnphotography
Instagram: @mj.nphotography
I started taking pictures in 2012 as a creative outlet, inspired by architecture, nature, and the everyday happenings I find myself surrounded by. In the last few years, I have started doing more figure work. This outlet has now grown into a small enterprise of love, MJ.N PHOTOGRAPHY. My company is jointly based in Sherman, Connecticut, at the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains and just across the Brooklyn Bridge in historic Brooklyn Heights, New York.

Muriel Stockdale – Multi-disciplined Artist & Writer
Instagram: @murielanyc, Twitter: @Murielepluribus, FB: Muriel Stockdale 
Since 2003, Muriel has continually created additions to her culturally celebrative art series of USA flags. The diverse people who coexist in this great country inspire the project entitled E PLURIBUS. She has recently launched a clothing line available at created in partnership with friends David and Malena Belafonte of PinkPirate Agency. In addition, Muriel’s artistic focus on the project has shifted to portraits of people close to her, celebrating their cultural heritage. Learn more about E Pluribus Portraits

Renee Collins
Renee Collins has been an artist for over 40 years – starting as an acrylic painter and then developing her skills into a jewelry designer. Renee uses only natural stones and high-quality elements, emphasizing sterling silver, leather, pave diamonds, pearls, pyrite, and other precious stones. No two pieces are alike. Her artwork has been shown in the Gold Mountain Gallery, Sea Salt Boutique, Sewall’s Point, and J Seitz. Her jewelry can be purchased through her website,, or email her to schedule a showing.

Simone Jeffries 
SJ Design 
Instagram: @Simmysunshine7
Simone Jeffries is an American artist raised in Flatbush, Brooklyn. Heavily influenced by her travels, the artist spent time abroad, living and attending school in Russia, where she soaked up the diverse Soviet language and cultures. Simone artist’s eclectic paintings, ink drawings, and photography are influenced by her Caribbean roots and have only highlighted her sensibility to the structural use of composition. Also heavily influenced by the works of Frida Khalo, Albrecht Durër, Salvador Dali, and Rothko. The artist continues to exhibit a keen eye for color, culture, and visual design. Formally trained at the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, Rhode Island, the artist’s work has been showcased in the Aspen Art Museum in Aspen, Colorado, and privately sold throughout Fairfield County, Connecticut, and NYC. Simone resides in the rural town of Sherman, Connecticut, and is a thriving Sherman Artist’s Association member.

Steve Habersang // Design & Illustration
Steve Habersang is a pen and ink artist located in New Fairfield. His detailed drawings in the stippling technique are a mix of fantasy and realism, focusing on nature, animals, and portraits. Influences include artists such as Salvador Dali, M.C. Escher, Norman Rockwell, Lee Conklin, and Shel Silverstein. He is also inspired by street and skate art, tattoo culture, comic books, album covers, beer labels, and pop surrealism. When not putting pen to paper, he has over 20 years of experience in the graphic design field, currently serving as Creative Director for Taylor Design in Stamford.

Steve Pica

Born in The Bronx and now residing in Pawling, NY, Steve attended the High School of Art & Design and Parsons School of Design in New York City, supplementing his art studies at the Society of Illustrators and The Art Students League. After spending the major part of his career in advertising as a storyboard artist, illustrator, and art director, Steve decided to shift gears and return to one of his first interests, painting. Inspired by years of traveling and exploring the U.S., he is focusing on trying to bring his illustration skills into painting landscapes and other subjects. 

Susan Locke

I am Professor Emerita, Department of Psychology, Baruch College, CUNY.  Retirement has enabled me to live full-time in Sherman.  It is impossible to live here without being inspired to photograph its beautiful landscapes, flora, and wildlife every day. For me, photography has always been a means of self-expression and a means of relaxation given my otherwise busy professional life. My combined interest in nature and photography began virtually simultaneously.  When I was eight years old, my dad gave me my first camera, the Kodak Duaflex II. It accompanied me during summers at Girl Scout camp. Since then, photography has proven to be the primary medium through which I have explored the world.  There have been countless workshops in National Parks [Denali, Yellowstone, Yosemite, The Tetons, Glacier, et al.] and abroad [France, Italy, England, Scotland, Iceland, Norway].  Among my favorite portrait photos are those taken when I worked with the Peace Corps in Senegal, West Africa. I have survived and appreciated the transition from film to the digital age, and, more recently iPhone photography with access to myriad creative apps.  

Suzanne Bohrer Ashley
My work evokes the rhythms and harmonies of music, like the natural world around us. Nature inspires me to reflect upon my deep love of music and transcend the two-dimensional surface, using color to evoke mood and emotion. Starting with a simple composition and limited palette, I build multiple layers that produce contrast and ambiguity as life does. Listen to the melody and feel the composition. The images are provoked by the reactions a specific location has generated within me rather than by a representation of the actual scene itself.

Suzanne Lang
I work in various mediums, including oil and watercolor, focusing on nature. I enjoy painting landscapes and florals and exploring new techniques. Texture and color play an integral part in my paintings, helping to set the mood for each piece of work.

Sylvia Hierro
Sylvia’s studio currently features a wall covered in collages and another with oil and acrylic paintings in progress. She begins with sketches that lead to a series of paintings where realistic elements transform into abstractions. Her goal is to convey an object’s essence and emotional response. Sylvia founded and chaired the Fine Arts Department at Canterbury School in New Milford, where she taught for over 20 years. She has been painting since the age of 5. Visit her website at

Ted Hollander
Ted is a long-time resident of Sherman who occasionally paints watercolors as gifts for family and friends. He is also the author of Step Forward America! and Bachelors of Citizenship, which address universal national service for which he is a passionate advocate.

Terry Pasquale
Terry Pasquale has been painting since her teenage years. She has taken art classes at the Hudson River Museum, Pace University, and the Westchester Art Workshop. Upon her retirement, Terry spent the pandemic exploring different painting styles. She discovered paint pouring and found liberation in the release of control that it afforded. Terry works in acrylic and watercolor. Terry is known for her jewelry-making and love of beads. Ms. Pasquale has displayed her acrylic abstracts with Yonkers Arts. She has upcoming work in exhibits in New York and Connecticut. She is a Sherman Artists Association and Arts on the Lake member. Terry, her husband, Tom, and her cat, Poe, live in Yonkers, NY, and New Fairfield,  CT.

Timothy Lawrence
Tim is a Graphic Artist who currently resides in Pawling, NY. He creates in a digital environment only at this time. Current works consist of photographs that have been manipulated with software to create abstract imagery that can be seamlessly tiled, creating a sense of symmetry and balance – axial symmetry. He is multi-disciplined and has worked with traditional media in the past and may soon again in the future.

Virginia Niles Schaffer
Facebook: Virginia Niles-Schaffer
Virginia is a self-taught watercolor artist beginning in 2006. The late Florence Froeder, a watercolor artist, taught Virginia the basics of watercolor. Virginia is inspired by the beauty and splendor of the surrounding countryside, triggering her artistic juices throughout her painting career. Her watercolors have been sold throughout the US and are in East and West Coast homes. Virginia is a member of the Kent Art Association.