Happy Acres Farm Day

Happy Acres Farm Day – October 7th – 11:00 to 4:00 PM

Raffle – Get ready to be dazzled!
These talented members from the Sherman Artists Association have generously contributed their artwork for an exciting raffle at Happy Acres Farm Day. Your support means the world to us, and we can’t wait to share these beautiful creations with you. Join us in celebrating art and community at Happy Acres Farm Day!

Carolyn Cohen, Title: Farm Stand, Mixed Media, Size: 24 x 24
Charlene Leichter, Happy Arcres Farm, 9 x 12
Denise Schlesinger, Title: Red Tractor, Acrylic, Size: 11 x 14
Gigi Barrett, Title: Curly, Pastel, 7 x 7
Ellen Wallenstein, Title: Clouds, Cows & Snow, Photograph, 8 x 10
Jill Kaplan, Leaf Dish, Clay 8 x 11
Linda Hubbard, Title: Happy Acres Pumpkin, Photograph 14 x 11

Prepare to be Captivated!

🎨 Join us on October 7th at Happy Acres Farm for a stunning al fresco gallery brought to you by the talented members of the Sherman Artists Association. Get ready to meet the artists behind these incredible works of art and immerse yourself in their creativity. Here’s a sneak peek at the artists and their masterpieces that will grace the al fresco gallery!

Bethe Bogues, Title: Happy Acres Farm, Oil 14×16, $400 – SOLD
Bethe Bogues, Title: Barn After Storm, Oil, 18″x14.5″, $400
Blake Kolenbrink, Title: Happy Pastures, Oil Pastel, 24 x 30, $300
Bonnie Johnson, Print-On the Horizon, 11 X 11, $450
Carolyn Cohen, Farm Stand, Mixed Media, 16 x 20, $200
Charlene Leichter, Blue Tractor, 9 x 12, $225
Christina Maschke, Title: Sweet Cow Pastel, $275
Denise Schlesinger, Title: Happy Acres Farm, Acrylic, 18 x 24, $650
Gigi Barrett, Title: Lamb Chop, Pastel, $275
Laura Paradiso, Red Barn. Oil on Canvas, $35
Mae Maimone, Poppins Bag, Handmade Quilted Bag. 15″, $165
Susan Locke, Title: Happy Acres Farm: Up Close and Personal, Photograph, 12 x12, $60
Ted Hollander, Happy Acres Farm, Watercolor, 20 X 24, $300